Articles on Britain in Europe

Hard Borders of the Mind: Brexit, Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement (Commentary)

Andrew Gilmore - 13 April 2017

In an already divided society, the uncertainty of Brexit could breed instability.

Trident replacement: losing its vocation? (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 21 March 2017

Britain’s departure from the EU may make the case for its nuclear deterrent replacement harder to sustain.

Europe’s priority now is to keep the union of 27 together (Commentary)

Almut Möller - 25 January 2017

London waves farewell to Berlin as Germany softens on EU dissent. But the goal remains: the EU’s survival

May's vision for Brexit fails to see the big picture (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 18 January 2017

Mark Leonard speaks with Tom Nuttall, The Economist's Charlemagne columnist, about Theresa May's Brexit speech. 

The Coming Brexit Tragedy (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 03 January 2017

With both sides ignoring the decline of the liberal world order, the Brexit process is set to result in tragedy for both the UK and EU.

Tell me something I don't know: Why some Brexit leaks matter more than others (Commentary)

Camilla Macdonald - 17 November 2016

It is not the absence of a strategy that is most troubling, but the fact that the government appears to be going into the negotiations with aims that are intellectually incoherent, even delusional.

Theresa May’s India visit – where the Rise of Asia met Trumpism (Commentary)

Dr Kadira Pethiyagoda - 16 November 2016

There is no escaping the fundamental tension between Britain’s need for economic ties with rising powers and the growing nativist sentiments at home. 

The High Court ruling is not a victory for ‘soft’ Brexit (Commentary)

Camilla Macdonald - 08 November 2016

It is hard to see what ‘red lines’ could be imposed on the government, but the ruling could be an important victory for thought and reflection over rabble rousing on both sides.

The Way Forward: EU Digital Policies and Brexit (Part II) (Commentary)

Stefan Soesanto - 24 October 2016

The curtailment of law enforcement cooperation between the UK and the European Union will be an inevitable consequence of the British exit.

The revenge of the countryside (Commentary)

Caroline de Gruyter - 21 October 2016

Europe must narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, otherwise radical populists will continue to flourish in neglected communities.