Articles on Chi-Kong Chyong

Russia’s gas pipeline strategy and Europe’s alternatives (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 07 July 2015

Russia’s pipeline strategy and the threat to gas supplies pose real challenges, but instead of focusing on real diversification, the Commission has to mediate the negotiations and be the ‘financial broker’.

Europe’s alternatives to Russian gas (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong & Louisa Slavkova & Vessela Tcherneva - 09 April 2015

Europe’s new Energy Union aims at securing European energy supply – but, if not from Russia, where will Europe obtain its gas?

Europe's vulnerability on Russian gas (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong & Vessela Tcherneva - 17 March 2015

European member states have different degrees of exposure to disruption of supplies from Russia, which must be addressed to secure the future of the EU's Energy Union.

Ukraine’s gas “federalisation” (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 02 March 2015

Gazprom is supplying gas directly to Ukraine’s breakaway regions and the dispute with Ukraine threatens Ukraine’s future territorial integrity.

Why this winter might bring a new gas crisis in Ukraine (and Europe) (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 10 October 2014

Europe will face another catastrophic gas shortage this winter if the EU and its member states do not act fast to resolve a gas price dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

The role of Russian gas in Ukraine (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 16 April 2014

Russian gas has a profound effect on Ukraine's politics and economy.