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Kosovo: The need for dialogue (Commentary)

Robert Cooper - 15 February 2018

The 10th anniversary of independence is a good moment for Kosovo to look forward and ask what sort of state it wants to be.

Overseeing Kosovo's conditional independence (Commentary)

Pieter Feith - 09 February 2018

The lesson of Kosovo's transition to independence is the value of the ‘ICO model’; a timebound mandate and a commitment to local ownership, transparency and respect.

Kosovo's path to independence (Commentary)

Albert Rohan - 02 February 2018

Kosovo’s independence has become an irreversible fact, even if Serbia, Russia, and some other countries persist in their denial of reality.

What India thinks of Europe (Commentary)

Sunaina Kumar - 07 November 2016

India and the EU have plenty of chances to cooperate but the relationship continues to disappoint.

What does Israel think about the European Union? (Commentary)

Sharon Pardo - 18 August 2016

Israeli-EU relations can be described as unfolding on two parallel tracks, and the economic track far exceeds the political one.

Boris Johnson the Counter-Revolutionary (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 August 2016

Johnson did more than anyone to bury Britain’s European future; but his ultra-flexibility may yet prove to be its salvation.

Europe seen from the outside - the British view (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 August 2016

The next phase of European integration must engage with - and provide safeguards against - the dark side of interdependence. Otherwise Brexit will be just the beginning.

Will Europe’s bloody summer change migration policy? (Commentary)

Dina Pardijs - 04 August 2016

With every terrorist attack, anti-migration parties will have a larger platform, but they will struggle to change policy.

Time's up: China’s coming battle for market economy status (Commentary)

François Godement & Agatha Kratz - 23 June 2016

Two new publications from the European Council of Foreign Relations look at the real issues behind the question of market economy status.

Britain’s sovereignty chestnut (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 03 May 2016

Die-hard sovereigntists may wish to preserve the Englishman’s historic right to bathe in his own sewage, or be treated in A&E by an exhausted doctor - most of us will be glad that EU membership from time to time pushes our own authorities to do the right thing.