Articles on Anthony Dworkin

Consequences of Ukraine: the threat to the international system (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 20 May 2014

Despite Putin’s claims, Russia’s actions in Ukraine can be distinguished from previous Western invasions of debatable legality.

Europe turns to the ICC on Syria - a sign of hopelessness? (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 23 April 2014

The EU's call to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court stands as a reminder of how few options the EU has.

A new constitution will not solve Egypt's problems (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 09 January 2014

Next week Egyptians will vote in a referendum on a new constitution. Few people doubt that the constitution will be approved, but there is more at stake in the vote than merely adopting a new legal framework for the country.

International justice and the prevention of atrocities (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 14 November 2013

What place should the international community give to justice and accountability in its response to conflicts involving mass atrocities? A new ECFR project analyses a series of cases where international efforts to end conflict have taken different approaches to justice.

Eight things to consider before intervening in Syria (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey & Anthony Dworkin & Daniel Levy - 28 August 2013

Before any Western intervention in the Syrian conflict, eight key issues need to be considered - from the goals of intervention and the legal issue to the regional impact and the possibility of a diplomatic alternative.

Europe must recognise that Egypt is not moving to democracy (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 16 August 2013

As Egypt appears to lurch back towards a pre-revolutionary security state, there's an urgent need for the EU to make a firm statement that the country is no longer moving towards a democratic future

Actually, drones worry Europe more than spying (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 18 July 2013

It is not data protection and surveillance that produces the most complications for the transatlantic intelligence relationship, but rather America's use of armed drones to kill terrorist suspects.


Repression and violence after the coup in Egypt (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 09 July 2013

Europe should remember that the elements in Egypt that are now likely to be on top of the political system - the Army, the judiciary, the intelligence services -  represent a completely unreformed inheritance from the “deep state” as it existed under Mubarak.


Assessing the EU’s new human rights strategy (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 27 June 2012

This week the EU revealed its new human rights strategy, an ambitious plan to 'place human rights at the centre of its relations with all third countries'. The key challenge will be to develop realistic objectives and a clear vision how to achieve them without repeating mistakes of the past.


Obama’s Drone Attacks: How the EU Should Respond (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 19 June 2012

Despite President Obama extending its use of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, the EU has been largely silent on the issue. But European leaders need to press the US to establish credible international standards to govern their use.