Articles on Anthony Dworkin

Egypt's counterterrorism strategy: The missing element (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 01 December 2017

Egypt’s government is not currently a constructive partner for the West in fighting violent extremism

Open letter to Chancellor Merkel (Commentary)

European Working Group on Egypt - 01 March 2017

Uncritical engagement with Egypt will not promote European interests, says EWGE ahead of Chancellor Merkel's visit to Cairo.

Learning the right lessons from Aleppo (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 23 December 2016

We may need to lower our expectations and recognise the inherent limitations and trade-offs of seeking to reduce atrocities overseas.

Concerted and coordinated: Terrorism in Europe (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 05 April 2016

After Brussels it is clear that Europe faces a concerted terrorist campaign, organised and supported directly from Syria

Ten talking points from the new ENP (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin & Fredrik Wesslau - 20 November 2015

The new Neighbourhood Policy is more transactional than transformative, abandoning the idealism of 2004's policy

France maps out its war against Islamic State (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 19 November 2015

France is "at war" with Islamic State according to President Hollande - what will this war look like?

European countries edge towards war on terror (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 09 September 2015

British drone strikes on jihadists in Syria are part of a European trend towards US-style military responses to terrorism overseas

After the Paris massacre: the lessons for fighting terrorism (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 13 January 2015

Despite a plethora of quite fixable problems, Americans seem increasingly inclined just to look the other way.

A close result in Tunisia (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 25 November 2014

The second round of Tunisia’s presidential election is likely to be a close fight after the results of the first round, announced today, showed a tighter-than-expected finish between Beji Caid Essebsi and Moncef Marzouki.

Ten global consequences of the Ukraine crisis (Commentary)

Piotr Buras & Anthony Dworkin & François Godement & Daniel Levy & Mark Leonard & Kadri Liik - 16 June 2014

Russian actions and Western responses to them could accelerate the unwinding of the current international order