Articles on Volker Stanzel

Law of the Sea: China, the EU, and the global order (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 13 July 2016

The stronger China gets, the more important is the question of whether it will be a world power that wields its strength responsibly. The recent ruling against China by a UN arbitration tribunal brings this question into sharp focus.

The self-emasculation of mainstream politics (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 24 March 2016

In Europe and the US, mainstream politicians are losing ground as they pander to populist fantasies

A war of character (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 18 November 2015

In Europe's war of character against terrorism, level-headed circumspection will serve better than a rush to retaliate and demonise

The New Minsk Ceasefire: Avoiding Putin’s trap (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 12 February 2015

Putin wants to pull the West into armed conflict, and it is right to avoid it.

When America Simply Shrugs (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 12 January 2015

Observations of a vacillating, hesitating superpower does not yet amount to the international community buying into the theory of America’s “decline.”

Shinzo Abe’s new lease of life (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 14 December 2014

Abe's victory in Japan's snap elections gives him the chance to keep the promises that he failed to keep in his previous term.

No time for cynics: the German-American intelligence dispute (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 15 July 2014

The US’s alleged spying was ill considered, but both sides need to focus on the real priorities of the transatlantic alliance.