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Who pays for the sanctions on Russia? (Commentary)

Francesco Giumelli - 05 December 2014

The sanctions on Russia have created winners and losers, and those most vocal about them are often those with the most to lose.

Putin is in control (Commentary)

Christine Ockrent - 01 December 2014

The West deeply misunderstands Putin, whose actions make good sense according to the nineteenth-century ideology to which he subscribes.

Moldova’s elections: Can a government be formed? (Commentary)

Victor Chirila - 27 November 2014

Moldova risks sliding into a period of political and social upheaval that could endanger its very existence.

Moldova’s elections: The economic situation (Commentary)

Kamil Calus - 27 November 2014

On the eve of the parliamentary elections in Moldova, the country’s economic situation is relatively stable despite negative external factors.

Towards Greater Europe through humanitarian cooperation? (Commentary)

Andrei Kortunov & Irina Busygina - 19 November 2014

Has the crisis in Ukraine completely erased the idea of Greater Europe from the agendas of politicians and analysts?

How should Europe respond to Russia? The German view (Commentary)

Markus Wehner - 18 November 2014

Germany’s willingness to enter into dialogue is explained by the fact that it feels a special responsibility towards Russia stemming from complicated history.

How should Europe respond to Russia? The Finnish view (Commentary)

Kristi Raik - 18 November 2014

The EU must remain unified in its approach to Russia, and must defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its eastern partners.

How should Europe respond to Russia? The Spanish view (Commentary)

Nicolás de Pedro - 18 November 2014

Spain's cautious approach regarding the Ukraine crisis is rooted in a complex cluster of factors, including geographic distance and economic ties with Russia.

How should Europe respond to Russia? The Italian view (Commentary)

Nathalie Tocci - 18 November 2014

The Ukraine crisis has marked a gradual structural shift in Italian foreign policy towards Russia.

How should Europe respond to Russia? The Polish view (Commentary)

Marek Menkiszak - 18 November 2014

The crisis in Ukraine is not about the rights of ethnic Russians, but rather Moscow's desire to destabilise Ukraine and re-establish strategic control of the region.