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Why should the EU cooperate with the EEU? (Commentary)

Vladislav Inozemtsev - 26 January 2015

The EU lacks a rational partner in the East, but that does not mean it should curry favour with an unreasonable one.

How should Europe respond to Russia? The Hungarian view (Commentary)

Daniel Hegedüs - 22 January 2015

Hungary has, for many reasons, become known as the country with the most pro-Russia policy within NATO and the EU.

Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union: the view from Moscow (Commentary)

Timofei Bordachev - 21 January 2015

For the first time in the history of Eurasia, several former members of the USSR are united not through conquest, but on the basis of pragmatic cooperation.

Russia, Turkey and the Vision of Greater Europe (Commentary)

Igor Ivanov - 15 January 2015

Russia and Turkey have many common features, predetermined by their respective histories, geographical locations and cultures.

Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Union: The view from Astana (Commentary)

Dosym Satpaev - 12 January 2015

The EEU is President Nursultan Nazarbaev’s pet project, but membership carries risks for Kazakhstan.

Armenia and the Eurasian Economic Union: The view from Yerevan (Commentary)

Richard Giragosian - 08 January 2015

With the EEU presenting more obstacles than opportunities, Armenia’s best hope is a prudent exit strategy.

Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union: The view from Minsk (Commentary)

Ryhor Astapenia - 07 January 2015

Belarus's involvement in integration processes with Russia has one condition: that Russia pays. And the EEU is no exception.

What will be the consequences of the Russian currency crisis? (Commentary)

Kirill Rogov - 23 December 2014

Russia severe currency crisis finds the government totally unprepared and will likely bring a sharp diminution in people's income

Russia's game in the Baltic Sea region: A Polish perspective (Commentary)

Justyna Gotkowska - 16 December 2014

Russia’s aggressive behaviour in the Baltic Sea region must be met with a coherent long-term Western strategy.

Moldova’s last chance for reform (Commentary)

Victor Chirila - 09 December 2014

Moldova's new pro-European government will face a strong pro-Russian opposition and it must act quickly to implement reforms – for its own sake and for the EU's.