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Armenia: approaching the precipice (Commentary)

- 26 June 2015

Amid a wave of mounting protests the over-confident and ever-arrogant Armenian government is locked in an escalating and tense standoff with thousands of ever more resolute and empowered youth activists.

Smoke and smell of gunpowder in the political dust of Macedonia (Commentary)

Zoran Jačev - 13 May 2015

The current political crisis in Macedonia confirms that without a longer stick or a bigger carrot there will always be trouble in the region.

Kyrgyzstan and the Eurasian Economic Union: The view from Bishkek (Commentary)

Ryskeldi Satke - 09 May 2015

As Kyrgyzstan joins the EEU, not all in the country are optimistic.

The EU and the Arctic Council (Commentary)

Duncan Depledge - 20 April 2015

The EU’s bid for observer status at the Arctic Council may not yet be nearing a successful conclusion – especially if Russia has its way.

A pragmatic approach to building a European Army (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 01 April 2015

An argument in favour of merging the territorial defence forces of an inner core of EU member states.

Transforming the global system (Commentary)

Fyodor Lukyanov and Ivan Krastev - 23 March 2015

In the new polycentric world, global institutions must be reformed so that regional powers have a say in the system.

Militarisation in the Russian Arctic: Should the EU be worried? (Commentary)

Duncan Depledge - 19 March 2015

Russia’s increasing military actions in the Arctic are aimed at securing its broader strategic interests, as well as tightening its hold on an area that it has identified as a “strategic resource base”.

Moldova after the elections: Politics overtakes reform (Commentary)

Corneliu Ciurea - 02 March 2015

EU officials are growing worried as Moldovan politicians begin to rebel against the tedious and technical process of implementing reform.

How should Europe respond to Russia? The Dutch view (Commentary)

Tony van der Togt - 25 February 2015

The Dutch position on Russia has hardened since the downing of MH17, but the Netherlands still pursues constructive engagement

Belarus’s balancing act: Business as usual (Commentary)

Jack Barton - 04 February 2015

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has a history of playing the Kremlin and the West off against each other, and it is a game he always wins.