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Moldova - a colour revolution or peaceful resolution? (Commentary)

Corneliu Ciurea - 02 October 2015

Despite alarming developments, the protest movement appears to be losing momentum - the ruling coalition has a good chance of surviving.

Belarus: Elections in times of crisis (Commentary)

Dzmitry Halubnichy - 01 October 2015

The low level of political protests in the run-up to the elections shows that Lukashenka remains popular, despite all Belarus’ economic woes.

International justice comes to Ukraine (Commentary)

Alexandre Prezanti - 21 September 2015

Kyiv's decision to invite ICC to investigate and prosecute war crimes in Ukraine may ward warring parties away from atrocities.

Engaging Iran: Implications for the South Caucasus (Commentary)

Richard Giragosian and Tornike Sharashenidze - 18 September 2015

How the post-deal detente between Iran and the West might benefit the Caucasus states

Europe without Borders 2025: Overcoming the EU neighbourhood policy deadlock (Commentary)

Andrej Novak - 14 August 2015

Three options for the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership countries and Turkey to participate more or less fully in the EEA.

Europe unchained: new realities for external energy policy (Commentary)

Jarosław Wiśniewski - 13 August 2015

New foreign policy developments - including the Iran deal - may help free Europe from the shackles of Russian energy dependence

Soft power in Armenia: Neither soft, nor powerful (Commentary)

Richard Giragosian - 12 August 2015

The absence of Russian soft power in Armenia confirms the perception of many Armenians that Moscow takes their submission for granted

How the Kremlin stumbled on nationalism (Commentary)

Anna Arutunyan - 05 August 2015

The government in Moscow has ridden the tiger of Russian nationalism, but will they come to regret it?

Russian soft power in action: South Ossetia's wandering 'border' (Commentary)

Tornike Sharashenidze - 28 July 2015

Russian encroachments on the Georgian border show its disorienting and demoralising soft power in action.

Russia’s gas pipeline strategy and Europe’s alternatives (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 07 July 2015

Russia’s pipeline strategy and the threat to gas supplies pose real challenges, but instead of focusing on real diversification, the Commission has to mediate the negotiations and be the ‘financial broker’.