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Kaliningrad: Russia’s stagnant enclave (Commentary)

Sergey Sukhankin - 31 March 2016

On 1 April, Kaliningrad’s special economic zone privileges expire, meaning that it will lose its right to duty-free trade and will have to stand on its own two feet.

How EU conditionality is helping to transform Ukraine (Commentary)

Janek Lasocki - 22 March 2016

Despite war, and political and economic uncertainty, Ukraine has made remarkable progress since its revolution in fundamentally reforming its state

Conditions for Central Asians in Russia boost radicalism (Commentary)

Marta Ter and Ryskelki Satke - 17 March 2016

Developing better conditions and better social environment for migrants in Russia is essential in tackling this trend.

In search of Russia’s elusive repression strategy (Commentary)

Anna Arutunyan - 07 March 2016

Repressions and human rights abuses in Russia, happen for other, myriad reasons besides Kremlin policy and those reasons will still need to be addressed, no matter who sits in Moscow. 

South-eastern Europe’s descent into chaos (Commentary)

Jasmin Mujanović - 03 March 2016

Unless both Brussels and Washington renew their political and economic commitment to the region, they may soon find that amid their struggle to resolve the bloodletting in Syria they have lost sight of the growing crisis in south-eastern Europe.

Georgia’s “West” fatigue and its electoral implications (Commentary)

Tornike Zurabashvili - 02 March 2016

While a total of 17 percent is far from being a game changer in national politics, it is a dangerously high number considering the degree of political volatility in Georgia. 

Moldova’s divided opposition (Commentary)

Corneliu Ciurea - 25 February 2016

The latest clash of Russian and Western geopolitical vectors has given birth to a direct confrontation between the new government of Moldova and its diverse opposition.

Ukraine’s frozen political crisis (Commentary)

Valerii Pekar - 24 February 2016

The traditional method of postponing a problem and freezing a crisis isn’t going to work this time.

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s EU Candidacy: Symbolic or Substantive? (Commentary)

Jasmin Mujanović - 23 February 2016

For most ordinary Bosnians and Herzegovinians, the announcement, much as its apparent execution, has been a genuine surprise—and not an altogether pleasant one either. 

Why more protests won’t bring about a Russian colour revolution (Commentary)

Anna Arutunyan - 16 February 2016

Why the Russian government remains resilient in the face of popular protest