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EU-Russia: avoiding new failures (Commentary)

Nicu Popescu & Andrew Wilson - 26 June 2008

The biannual EU-Russia summit begins on 26 June in Siberia. Can the EU take advantage of the opportunity to restart the relationship, or will it fall victim to the divisions that have plagued it in the past?

The new Russian presidency: Medvedev 1.0 or Putin 2.0? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 02 May 2008

As Russia prepares for the inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev on 7 May, the mystery surrounding the next president continues to grow.

Medvedev wins!!! (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 03 March 2008

The fact that Dmitry Medvedev has won the Russian presidential election hardly counts as news, but the manner of his win contained a number of surprises.

Why EU leaders should not stare into Medvedev's eyes (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 28 February 2008

In 2000, George Bush looked into Putin's eyes and claimed he had found a soulmate for the West. Today, Western leaders may be about to repeat the same mistake with Dmitry Medvedev.

Putin's Mini-Me (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 20 December 2007

Even after a reciprocal endorsement between Putin and Medvedev, a delicate balancing act will be necessary to manage Putin?s succession in the coming months.

Russia?s over-managed democracy (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 04 December 2007

Putin?s grand plan may not yet be clear, but most of the likely variants now hinge on how he will use the mandate from Sunday?s election to stage-manage the next vote in March.

Ukraine: Finally a new Parliament, but no new government (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 26 November 2007

The new Ukrainian parliament finally assembled on Friday, 23 November, almost two months after the elections. It then immediately adjourned until Thursday 29 November. An update on Ukraine's complex political developments.

Ukraine Goes to the Polls: Another Year, Another Crisis? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 03 October 2007

After years of political stagnation, 2008 will be a key year for Europe and the Ukraine