Articles on Andrew Wilson

No stability under occupation in Crimea (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 18 March 2016

Two years on from annexation, Russia's control of Crimea remains fraught with the difficulties

Three reasons why the West should not forget about Ukraine (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 11 December 2015

Europe cannot afford to let New Ukraine die, and the élan of a people fighting to join Europe should be an inspiration to Europe’s old guard to build a New Europe too.

Five lessons from the local elections in Ukraine (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 29 October 2015

What do Ukraine's local elections tell us about the country's political future?

Belarus votes - and this time it matters (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 09 October 2015

Ukraine, economics and diminishing Russian subsidies cast a long shadow over elections in "Europe's last dictatorship".

Ukraine’s economic pressures (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 27 April 2015

Russia’s aim is to create a dysfunctional Ukraine, and it will continue using economic means as much as military attacks.

Make Russia Share the World Cup with Ukraine (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 27 March 2015

It's time to start thinking about the pitfalls of the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia.

The modus operandi of Putin’s Russia (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 18 December 2014

To understand Russia’s actions in Ukraine, we need to understand the nature of Russia’s agenda and how it is pursued.

Ukraine's new government (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 05 December 2014

Ukraine finally has a new government, but fighting in the east is continuing and the economy is near collapse.

Ukraine’s elections: Escaping politics as usual? (Explainer)

Andrew Wilson - 31 October 2014

The Ukrainian parliamentary elections on 26 October seem to have resulted in at least a partial reboot of the political system.

Explaining the Ukraine vote (Explainer)

Andrew Wilson - 30 October 2014

Although turnout was low in Ukraine's parliamentary elections, the results show Ukrainians want an end to "politics as usual".