Articles on Moldova

Dodon's Moldova will not rush towards Russia (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 23 November 2016

Moldova may return more towards the ‘balancing’ policy of the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin.

Moldova’s last chance for reform (Commentary)

Victor Chirila - 09 December 2014

Moldova's new pro-European government will face a strong pro-Russian opposition and it must act quickly to implement reforms – for its own sake and for the EU's.

Moldova’s elections: Can a government be formed? (Commentary)

Victor Chirila - 27 November 2014

Moldova risks sliding into a period of political and social upheaval that could endanger its very existence.

Moldova’s elections: The economic situation (Commentary)

Kamil Calus - 27 November 2014

On the eve of the parliamentary elections in Moldova, the country’s economic situation is relatively stable despite negative external factors.