Articles on Moldova

The coronavirus in Eastern Europe: Avoiding another Chernobyl (Commentary)

Thornike Gordadze, Joanna Hosa, Dumitru Minzarari, Tatiana Stanovaya, Andrew Wilson - 01 April 2020

Moldova crisis: The first battle in the war for democracy (Commentary)

Vadim Pistrinciuc - 21 June 2019

Swift action from Brussels transformed the Moldova crisis on the ground. The EU will now learn to keep oligarchic governments at arm’s length in future.

Dodon's Moldova will not rush towards Russia (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 23 November 2016

Moldova may return more towards the ‘balancing’ policy of the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin.

Moldova’s last chance for reform (Commentary)

Victor Chirila - 09 December 2014

Moldova's new pro-European government will face a strong pro-Russian opposition and it must act quickly to implement reforms – for its own sake and for the EU's.

Moldova’s elections: Can a government be formed? (Commentary)

Victor Chirila - 27 November 2014

Moldova risks sliding into a period of political and social upheaval that could endanger its very existence.

Moldova’s elections: The economic situation (Commentary)

Kamil Calus - 27 November 2014

On the eve of the parliamentary elections in Moldova, the country’s economic situation is relatively stable despite negative external factors.