Articles on Ukraine

Ukraine Votes (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 26 May 2014

Given the low expectations even a week ago, the Ukrainian election can be counted a success

Everything you need to know about the Ukrainian Elections (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 22 May 2014

ECFR Explainer on the Ukrainian election

Consequences of Ukraine: the threat to the international system (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 20 May 2014

Despite Putin’s claims, Russia’s actions in Ukraine can be distinguished from previous Western invasions of debatable legality.

Consequences of Ukraine: Europe’s fragile cohesion (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev & Piotr Buras - 20 May 2014

Below the superficial unity in response to the Ukraine crisis, member states are dividing into clusters, each with its own view on Russia.

In Asia, local concerns outweigh global significance of the Ukraine crisis (Commentary)

François Godement - 20 May 2014

China stands to gain more than it would lose from discouraging Western intervention whereas the weak US and EU responses worry Japan and Taiwan.

The Global Consequences of Ukraine (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 20 May 2014

ECFR launches an ambitious new strand of work on the global consequences of the Ukraine crisis

The Passive-Aggressive Donbas (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 14 May 2014

An opinion poll in Ukraine shows results radically different from the latest referendum

Ukraine: A Failing State, or the Survival of the Old State? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson and Oleksander Andreyev - 09 May 2014

Is Kiev's new government willing and able to make radical changes to the old system?

The revolution in Putin’s head (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 29 April 2014

In Moscow, the ideological, geopolitical and economic rule book is being rewritten.

Despite Crimea, Finland and Sweden stay wary of NATO (Commentary)

Suvi Turtiainen - 22 April 2014

Russia's North-Western neighbours take a cautious approach after events in Crimea.