Articles on Russia

The Global Consequences of Ukraine (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 20 May 2014

ECFR launches an ambitious new strand of work on the global consequences of the Ukraine crisis

Ukraine: A Failing State, or the Survival of the Old State? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson and Oleksander Andreyev - 09 May 2014

Is Kiev's new government willing and able to make radical changes to the old system?

The revolution in Putin’s head (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 29 April 2014

In Moscow, the ideological, geopolitical and economic rule book is being rewritten.

Putin's plan (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 17 April 2014

Everything Putin is doing in Ukraine is intended to improve his bargaining position with the West.

The role of Russian gas in Ukraine (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 16 April 2014

Russian gas has a profound effect on Ukraine's politics and economy.

European insecurity after Crimea (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 11 April 2014

The "express annexation" of Crimea has raised the issue of the continuing need for security guarantees in Europe.

Why Crimea matters (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 10 April 2014

The annexation of Crimea could begin the dissolution of the western-led international order

Russia, Europe, and the new international order (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 09 April 2014

The premise of an international order defined by the West and shared by the rest has been shown to be faulty.

Time for a strategic pause in EU - Russia relations? (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova - 08 May 2013

The time has come for the EU to rethink its relationship with its biggest neighbour. Instead of talking about strategic relations with Moscow, the EU should consider a strategic pause.


A sandcastle in the sun: Putin’s first year back in power (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 05 May 2013

Vladimir Putin may still be the most popular politician in Russia, but his system of government is showing certain signs of weakness one year after returning to power.