Articles on Israel / Palestine

How to create the conditions for progress in Israel and Palestine (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 29 July 2020

Human rights and international law should be a timeless part of addressing problems in Israel and Palestine, but the international community urgently needs to begin doing so once more.

Israel’s West Bank annexation: Preparing EU policy for the day after (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 14 May 2020

West Bank annexation will bring an end to the EU’s cherished two-state solution. International norms and the EU’s own laws will now need to underpin post-annexation relations with Israel. 

A chance for accountability: Why Germany should welcome an ICC investigation into the situation in Palestine (Commentary)

René Wildangel - 29 April 2020

Germany has adopted a position that the Israeli government will likely interpret as support for its policies of occupation and settlement.

Defeating covid-19 in Gaza: Is it enough? (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 07 April 2020

Urgent intervention can mitigate the worst effects of the pandemic. But the EU should also help Gaza escape its man-made crisis.

Open letter: Grave concern about US plan for Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Commentary)

- 01 March 2020

US President Trump’s Middle East plan contradicts internationally agreed parameters for the Middle East peace process, relevant UN resolutions and the most fundamental principles of international law, say 50 former foreign ministers and leaders from across Europe in a joint statement. Eleven ECFR Council Members have also signed it. 

The UN is right to track businesses in Israeli settlements (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 18 February 2020

A disinformation campaign against a new UN database aims to legitimise the Israeli settler movement and those who illegally profit from it.

From negotiation to imposition: Trump’s Israel-Palestine parameters (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 11 February 2020

Comparing the US “peace plan” for Israel-Palestine with ECFR’s own work on future parameters illuminates how Donald Trump is departing from longstanding international consensus positions.

Trump’s deal for Israel-Palestine: Entrenched unequal rights and annexation (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 29 January 2020

Although the Trump deal marks a radical break from past American support for a two-state solution, it aligns with ideas put forward by supporters of Israel’s settler movement.

What a Corbyn government could mean for the Middle East (Commentary)

Tim Springett - 10 December 2019

Dramatic shifts are on the horizon for British policy on Israel-Palestine and Saudi Arabia, should Corbyn win power this week.