Articles on The Gulf

Yemen melts down (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 25 March 2015

The devestating bombings on Friday are just the latest sign that the country is coming apart at the seams.

Yemen’s Transitional Road Map to Chaos (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 28 January 2015

Anyone who knew anything about Yemen saw this implosion coming a mile away.

Decline of US influence means Iran and Saudi Arabia may just have to get along — eventually (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 27 June 2014

America’s hegemony in the Middle East and in global affairs is giving way to a multipolar order.

The campaign to condemn the Brotherhood (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 08 April 2014

The decision of the British government to investigate the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood is a significant victory for Saudi Arabia.

Regional instability and souring US-Saudi relations (Commentary)

Alexander Kouttab - 18 November 2013

The continued souring of relations between the US and Saudi Arabia has the potential to radically reshape local geopolitical dynamics. But not one regional actor or outside power appears strong enough to dictate the pace or direction of change.

Serious straits: why trouble looms in the Gulf (Commentary)

Fatima Ayub - 10 April 2013

An understanding of the importance of the Gulf States is vital for explaining how the wider Middle East functions, thanks to their wealth, their energy resources, their geostrategic position, and their straddling of many of the MENA region's major faultlines.