Articles on The Gulf

The Yemen conflict: Southern separatism in action (Commentary)

Helen Lackner - 08 May 2020

The Southern Transitional Council’s declaration of “self-rule” threatens to revive the internecine feuds of previous generations.

Saudi Arabia, energy geopolitics, and the big production cut (Commentary)

Cinzia Bianco - 20 April 2020

Saudi Arabia took a major risk in launching the oil price war. There may be a political price to pay.

Game of chicken: How the oil price war threatens the Gulf (Commentary)

David Jalilvand - 20 March 2020

The Russian-Saudi oil spat is exacerbating volatility in the Gulf – and beyond.

Home and away: Mohammad Bin Salman projects his power (Commentary)

Cinzia Bianco - 12 March 2020

The Saudi leadership’s recent robust moves could mark the start of the crown prince’s long-awaited ascent to the throne.

Yemen: Why the Riyadh Agreement is collapsing (Commentary)

Helen Lackner - 03 February 2020

The strategic ambitions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been diverging in Yemen – to the detriment of hopes for peace on the ground.

After Qaboos: The future of Oman and Gulf geopolitics (Commentary)

Cinzia Bianco - 14 January 2020

The fractious context of the Gulf means Oman’s new ruler could soon find himself seeking to emulate his predecessor and championing regional diplomatic dialogue

Saudi Arabia’s frozen-conflict tactics (Commentary)

Cinzia Bianco - 07 November 2019

Saudi Arabia is suspending its assertive foreign policy, seeking to prevent an escalation in tensions.

Weathering the storm: Saudi Arabia one year after Khashoggi (Commentary)

Eman Alhussein - 02 October 2019

Will admitting responsibility at the highest levels be enough to turn international opinion back in Saudi Arabia’s favour?

Cracks in the Saudi-Emirati alliance? (Commentary)

Cinzia Bianco - 13 September 2019

Policymakers have closely watched the emergence of an apparent rift between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as an ostensible attempt at rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in recent weeks. The dynamics of the Gulf can have significant implications for European economic and political interests.