Articles on Libya

Libya's migrant-smuggling highway: Lessons for Europe (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 10 November 2015

How the lessons of Libya can help European policymakers respond to the wider migration crisis.

Action points for Europe after the Libya deal (Commentary)

Tarek Megerisi, Mattia Toaldo - 11 August 2015

How the EU can move on from a deal to support a peaceful post-revolution politics in Libya

Winner-takes-all politics in Libya (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 30 July 2015

Death sentence for Saif Al Islam Gheddafi shows Libya's winner-takes-all politics of exclusion 

Libya: the four things that matter more than recognition (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 13 November 2014

After a ruling that nullified its own parliamentary elections, Libya will need European and UN support to achieve national unity government.

Sheikh It Up (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 04 September 2014

The UAE's airstrikes in Libya represent a new and dangerous phase in its struggle with Qatar.

Why Europe should step up its efforts in Libya (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 17 February 2014

European support for Libya is difficult because of a deteriorating security situation and lack of clear institutions, but it would have an important impact on the region.

Europe's role in the Arab Spring (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 26 September 2012

The outcome of the uprisings in North Africa is still in the balance and although it will be mainly up to the North Africans themselves to decide their future, Europe has a key role to play on the side of reform - especially Paris, Rome and Madrid.