Articles on Josef Janning

Time for great gestures (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 01 September 2015

Through the transformation of Greece, Germany and France can lay the foundation for a new culture of partnership and good governance in Europe.

Leadership lessons: The Greece deal fallout (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 23 July 2015

To lead the EU may seem like a burden; it is, in truth, an historic opportunity.

The ultimate test for Merkel’s ‘muddle through’ model (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 10 July 2015

Merkel has shown little appetite for the “vision-thing”, but the Greek crisis threatens to push the Chancellor out of her comfort zone

Tsipras' Pyrrhic victory (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 06 July 2015

Without demonstrating how they can pull off a strategy of gaining debt relief before reforms, Syriza's referendum win could become a Pyrrhic victory.

Idealpolitik or Realpolitik: Germany’s new old foreign policy debate (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 25 June 2015

Germany’s obsessive debate between a value-based and an interest-based foreign policy has returned

G7 summitry – reborn but still the same (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 11 June 2015

Myths and symbolism have accompagnied the fundamental transformation of the gathering.

Europe’s soft political revolution is Germany’s nightmare (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 28 May 2015

If the relationship German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU President Donald Tusk have built won’t last, a pillar of Germany’s architecture for the EU will crumble.

Germany does not expect a pro-active Britain (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 14 May 2015

The UK elections have not solved the British question for Europe, and thus the German headache will remain.

German leaders juggle foreign policy crises (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 30 April 2015

The German government has proven itself adept at juggling foreign policy crises, but as it reaches the halfway point of its term, it is more important than ever that nothing gets dropped.

The Franco-German alliance is back – for now (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 17 April 2015

Hollande and Merkel have become a formidable team as Europe’s leaders – but how long will it last?