Articles on Angela Stanzel

Europe’s China vetoes (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel & Angela Stanzel - 08 August 2018

France, Germany, Italy, and the UK are strengthening their economic defences against China. Will more follow?

China’s Belt and Road – new name, same doubts? (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 19 May 2017

Beijing is trying to create an inclusive narrative around its new Silk Road initiative, but fails to convince the sceptics.

A German view of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 21 April 2017

One year on, Germany's decision to back the AIIB appears to be paying off.

Germany's turnabout on Chinese takeovers (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 21 March 2017

There is now broad consensus in the German government that the current level of scrutiny of foreign investments is insufficient.

The Balochistan tinderbox (Commentary)

Sunaina Kumar and Angela Stanzel - 05 October 2016

As the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor begins to take shape, the troubled province of Balochistan could become a flashpoint for regional competition. 

India and China: A scramble for Africa? (Commentary)

Sunaina Kumar and Angela Stanzel - 29 July 2016

Africa is big enough for both, but there is a risk that the rivalry between China and India could play out to the detriment of African interests.

Xi’s visit to the Czech Republic (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 07 April 2016

China’s push to deepen bilateral relations with EU member states may further increase the divisions on China within the EU

Indians as a source of soft power (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 01 October 2015

Modi is trying to reach out to the Indian Diaspora by using social media - he has his own app since this summer. 

Understanding India: The role of the EU (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 17 August 2015

The lack of mutual interest between the EU and India is surprising, given the convergence of interests between them – one of them being China.

China-India Ltd? (Commentary)

Angela Stanzel - 30 July 2015

China and India have strong financial incentives to cooperate, but might potential confrontation stymie profitable engagement?