Articles on Two States Stress Test

Trump’s deal for Israel-Palestine: Entrenched unequal rights and annexation (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 29 January 2020

Although the Trump deal marks a radical break from past American support for a two-state solution, it aligns with ideas put forward by supporters of Israel’s settler movement.

Mali, Algeria, and the uneasy search for peace (Commentary)

Andrew Lebovich - 04 October 2018

This summer, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was re-elected to Mali's presidency; his plan for peace in the country can stem the conflict, but as the Algerian case shows, the process of reconciliation can be daunting 

How to Revive EU Policy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 20 May 2015

EU needs to better demonstrate the incompatibility  of occupation policies with the continued development of relations with the EU.

Palestine and the International Criminal Court (Commentary)

Victor Kattan - 01 September 2014

After a long process, various options are still open for Palestine with respect to joining the ICC.

Israel's spinning moral compass (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 19 August 2014

Apparent wall-to-wall consensus in favour of the Gaza offensive among the Israeli public masks a deep internal moral malaise.

Demilitarising Gaza is not a solution, it’s a trap (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 15 August 2014

Demilitarising Gaza is being touted as part of a solution to the recent fighting. However, it's a potentially dangerous red herring 

Time to talk to Hamas (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 07 August 2014

Israel wants to keep Hamas in the cold, but unless Europe works to encourage dialogue, the violence will continue

Peace Is Man-Made (Commentary)

Han ten Broeke - 19 March 2014

As long as key international stakeholders play a constructive role in the new round of peace negotiations and let go of their misconceptions about Abbas and Netanyahu, a two-state solution is still a viable option.

The Peace Process is back (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 25 July 2013

The cynics may not believe it, but John Kerry's push to get Israelis and Palestinians talking could actually work. And even Europe is helping by ending Israeli impunity over settlements.