Articles on Andrew Hammond

Ireland: The final barrier to a December Brexit deal (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 06 December 2017

Theresa May has to satisfy interests in Dublin, Belfast and Brussels on Northern Ireland’s future status if Brexit talks are to progress this year.

Turkey: under pressure to take a definitive stance (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 02 October 2014

Turkey stands apart from regional players by refusing to commit to combat missions against the Islamic State.

Qatar's risky balancing act (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 02 October 2014

Qatar has been plagued by accusations that of all the forces backing Syrian insurgents it is the most responsible for funding finding its way to the Islamic State.

Sheikh It Up (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 04 September 2014

The UAE's airstrikes in Libya represent a new and dangerous phase in its struggle with Qatar.

How worried should we be about Al-Baghdadi’s new “Islamic State”? (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 02 July 2014

The “Islamic State” caliphate declared by ISIS is a problem, but mainly for Iraq.

The campaign to condemn the Brotherhood (Commentary)

Andrew Hammond - 08 April 2014

The decision of the British government to investigate the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood is a significant victory for Saudi Arabia.