Articles on Ukraine Crisis

The challenges for Ukraine’s presidential election (Commentary)

Janek Lasocki - 26 March 2014

On Sunday 25 May, President Putin permitting, 36.5 million voters will go to the polls in Ukraine to vote for a successor to President Viktor Yanukovych

Putin’s New World Order (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 18 March 2014

Putin also wants a world order based on different principles, and this is what makes Putin’s previous actions logical and understandable.

The lessons of Crimea (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 18 March 2014

A co-operative approach by Germany towards sanctions will be crucial for a clear EU message in the next few days.

Three scenarios for Ukraine (Commentary)

Nicu Popescu - 11 March 2014

Following events in Crimea, three worrying scenarios are conveivable, including a future with more military interventions. To minismise the chance of this happening, Russia's actions have to be met more than just diplomatic signals.

Ukraine: the silver lining for China (Commentary)

François Godement - 11 March 2014

China could reap a strategic benefit from almost every possible outcome of the Ukraine crisis, and has begun to prepare for all these scenarios.

How can the EU impose costs on Russia? (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Kadri Liik & Stefan Meister & Vessela Tcherneva & Andrew Wilson - 03 March 2014

The key challenge for the West is to deter any possible Russian action in Eastern Ukraine, and pursue a twin-track policy aimed at de-escalation.

Ukraine's U-Turn: The real battle for Ukraine has just started (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova and Balázs Jarábik - 27 February 2014

It is time for the EU to stop talking, start listening and act where Ukraine needs the assistance the most: with ensuring its economic stability, laying down new foundations for the rule of law and democracy and strengthening those who advance reforms.

Prominent Europeans call for action on Ukraine (Commentary)

ECFR - 19 February 2014

Shocked by the bloody crackdown in Ukraine in the past 24 hours, over 30 European political leaders and opinion-makers called today for swift action by the EU in support of European-minded Ukrainians. 

Time for new elections to break the deadlock in Ukraine (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 31 January 2014

The EU should be aware of how much criticism it is getting on the ground. By not imposing sanctions after the US and Canada have already done so, the EU is doing real damage to its reputation in the region. If the Ukrainian protestors lose faith in the EU, then a more inward-looking struggle will get even uglier.

Can Europe protect the Euromaidan? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 24 January 2014

Events in Ukraine have taken a dramatic change for the worse. European choice is under threat but the threat now comes as much from the Yanukovych regime’s struggle to survive as it does from Russian pressure.