Articles on Ukraine Crisis

View from Dublin: A “wait and see” approach (Commentary)

Brian O'Connell - 16 March 2015

Ireland’s calculus on sanctions is informed by its economic ties to Russia and its need to forge stronger EU ties ahead of a potential Brexit.

View from London: Elections approach, Ukraine looms (Commentary)

James Connal - 12 March 2015

The UK supports sanctions, but the Ukraine crisis has become a political football in the campaign for the upcoming general elections.

View from Warsaw: Sanctions are the EU’s only tool (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 12 March 2015

Poland is more moderate on Russia policy than hawks might have hoped, preferring the use of sanctions to any military option.

View from Vienna: Austria is again on the sceptical side (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 09 March 2015

Austria is still sceptical about sanctions, but it will not challenge the bigger EU states without support.

View from Berlin: Germany leads the EU on Russia sanctions (Commentary)

Olaf Boehnke - 09 March 2015

Merkel's tireless diplomacy has made Germany the driver of EU policy on sanctions.

View from Bratislava: Slovakia changes course on Russia (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova - 09 March 2015

Slovakia has taken steps to diversify its economic interests away from Russia, which has altered its calculus on sanctions.

View from Rome: Sanctions should be accompanied by dialogue (Commentary)

Silvia Francescon - 09 March 2015

Italy has been hard hit by sanctions on Russia, but it has held the European line, while still promoting further dialogue.

View from Madrid: Spain’s balancing act on sanctions (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 09 March 2015

Spain’s approach to sanctions against Russia has shifted as the crisis over Ukraine has escalated.

Ukraine’s gas “federalisation” (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong - 02 March 2015

Gazprom is supplying gas directly to Ukraine’s breakaway regions and the dispute with Ukraine threatens Ukraine’s future territorial integrity.

Crisis diplomacy and the Russian-Ukrainian war (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 18 February 2015

Germany needs to square the circle between domestic demands for restraint and isolationism and the increasing responsibilities of European leadership.