Articles on Ukraine Crisis

Is Europe losing Ukraine? (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 30 July 2015

As Germany's politicians return to their constituencies, a summer of resentment against Europe is brewing in Ukraine

One year after MH17: the Kremlin’s responsibility (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 17 July 2015

The accidental firing on the airliner by Russian air-defence missiles are the most conceivable explanation to the downing of MH17.

What Orwell would make of the Ukraine crisis (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 15 May 2015

Moscow may end up controlling Ukraine in one way or another, but it has probably lost the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people of the 21st century.


Russia’s military options in Ukraine (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 27 April 2015

A resumption of Russian military provocations is likely, to keep Ukraine destabilised and maintain pressure on its government.

The diplomatic battle for Ukraine (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 27 April 2015

The Minsk agreement was vague on some key points of disagreement between Kyiv and Moscow, and the fight over how to interpret its provisions is escalating.

Ukraine’s economic pressures (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 27 April 2015

Russia’s aim is to create a dysfunctional Ukraine, and it will continue using economic means as much as military attacks.

The Polish-German split: A storm in a teacup? (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 14 April 2015

The crisis in Ukraine tested relations between Poland and Germany – but how serious are the divisions?

Europe’s alternatives to Russian gas (Commentary)

Chi-Kong Chyong & Louisa Slavkova & Vessela Tcherneva - 09 April 2015

Europe’s new Energy Union aims at securing European energy supply – but, if not from Russia, where will Europe obtain its gas?

View from Athens: Walking the line between Europe and Russia (Commentary)

George N. Tzogopoulos - 06 April 2015

Greece does not rule out the possibility of vetoing new sanctions on Russia, but its foreign policy will likely remain aligned with that of the EU and NATO.

View from Stockholm: The EU must stay the course (Commentary)

Fredrik Wesslau - 23 March 2015

Sweden continues to support sanctions on Russia and the Swedish public is fully behind its government's hard line on Sweden's eastern neighbour.