Articles on John Fox

Europe needs a new approach to human rights in China (Commentary)

John Fox - 04 June 2009

Twenty years after the massacre in Tiananmen Square, the EU should must help enforce the rule of law in China.

A time for China to see a coordinated Europe (Commentary)

John Fox - 30 January 2009

In response to the Chinese Premier?s European tour, John Fox argues that Europe's national interests must be put aside.

It's Tibet, not the economy, stupid (Commentary)

John Fox - 28 November 2008

China?s cancellation of the planned bilateral summit with the EU is a brutal and unprecedented warning of how little Europe means to China.

China - a challenge for the long term (Commentary)

John Fox - 05 November 2008

The basis of a new EU-US partnership should be close trans-Atlantic coordination and cooperation on China at every level, harmonising positions and pooling leverage and influence.

Can China save Afghanistan? (Commentary)

John Fox & Daniel Korski - 29 September 2008

With Afghanistan's reconstruction on the brink, what could the EU and U.S ask Beijing to do?

China Olympics blog (Commentary)

John Fox - 21 August 2008

A daily blog following key political stories in China during the Beijing Olympics.

The threat of a boycott (Commentary)

John Fox - 28 March 2008

European leaders need to follow France and Poland's example and take a tougher line on China, with real political threats, if the situation in Tibet does not improve.

What's next for Tibet? (Commentary)

John Fox - 17 March 2008

The EU needs to act to ensure that China does not use violence to put down protests in Tibet, but engages the Dalai Lama in real dialogue.

China?s African propaganda offensive (Commentary)

John Fox - 04 March 2008

A new propaganda offensive by China on its activities in Africa provides an opening for the West. We should use this to persuade China to take responsibility for its impact in Africa.

In need of an EU approach to China (Commentary)

John Fox - 23 January 2008

Gordon Brown, like many of his EU counterparts, focussed on national interests and commercial contracts in his China trip last week. But EU leaders need to work together not compete with each other to benefit from China's rise.