Articles on Francisco de Borja Lasheras

A Great European Society? (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 22 February 2018

The return of identity politics and nationalism has put the postmodern Europe that sought to dilute and mitigate national and regional identities on the ropes.

Curtain comes down on Balkan Hague tribunals (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 13 December 2017

Many crimes remain unanswered for, but with the Hague phase essentially over, it is about time for the difficult process of reconciliation.

Three myths about Catalonia’s independence movement (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 22 September 2017

Spain faces its worst constitutional crisis since the failed 1981 coup d’état, driven by Brexit-style populism

Turn the search light outwards (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 15 February 2017

In focusing exclusively on Western crimes, parts of the European Left are letting Putin and Assad off the hook for Syria and Ukraine.

Ukraine’s rising Euroscepticism (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 22 December 2016

Ukraine’s pivot towards the West has barely begun, but fatigue and frustration are already setting in.

Pastiche politics: Macedonia, democracy and the faltering journey to Europe (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 09 December 2016

This weekend’s parliamentary elections in Macedonia are, ironically, an exercise in strengthening anti-democratic forces.

Letter to a besieged Europe (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 01 December 2016

Francisco de Borja Lasheras gives a wake-up call for Europe to address its most pressing challenges before it is too late.

View from Madrid: The many-faced Janus (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 14 October 2016

Spain is inclined towards conditional accommodation with Russia but tends to refrain from open overtures towards Moscow.

View from Madrid: A golden opportunity clouded by domestic turbulence (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 15 September 2016

The vacuum created by Brexit could be the perfect opportunity for Spain to step up - if only it could form a government.

Spain’s balancing act with Russia (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 26 July 2016

The weakening of common European positions, with some key Spanish allies making overtures to Moscow, could weaken their mitigating force against a mix of isolationist and Realpolitik temptations, influential in Madrid.