Articles on Stefan Meister

Putin's plan (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 17 April 2014

Everything Putin is doing in Ukraine is intended to improve his bargaining position with the West.

Putin's new world order: Ukraine after the referendum (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova & Kadri Liik & Stefan Meister - 18 March 2014

Three pieces by ECFR's leading Wider Europe experts on the current situation in Ukraine, Putin's appeal for a new world order, and Germany's crucial role within the EU.

The lessons of Crimea (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 18 March 2014

A co-operative approach by Germany towards sanctions will be crucial for a clear EU message in the next few days.

How can the EU impose costs on Russia? (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Kadri Liik & Stefan Meister & Vessela Tcherneva & Andrew Wilson - 03 March 2014

The key challenge for the West is to deter any possible Russian action in Eastern Ukraine, and pursue a twin-track policy aimed at de-escalation.

After Vilnius: Why the EU needs to rethink its Eastern Partnership (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 20 December 2013

The decision of the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovitch not to sign the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement has plunged the EU into a deep crisis. Seen in its most positive light, this shock offers a potential “new start” for the policy. The EU should seize this chance.

Germany’s Russia policy: Bolder towards Moscow? (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 22 October 2013

Despite the authoritarian tendencies of the Russian leadership, the protests of the past year have shown that Russian society is interested in greater political participation. It is time to replace Germany's elite-dominated Russia policy with a more balanced approach.

Europe needs a reality check on Russia (Commentary)

Stefan Meister - 17 October 2013

The EU needs to develop a more realistic assessment of Russia. The often knee-jerk reactions to political developments in Moscow and oversimplified readings of Russian foreign policy inhibit a more pragmatic European approach to Russia.