Articles on Mattia Toaldo

Russia in Libya: War or Peace? (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 02 August 2017

Europe must use its diplomatic leverage to ensure that increased Russian involvement does not come at the cost of further destabilisation on Europe’s southern border.

Does the road to stability in Libya pass through Cairo? (Commentary)

Adel Abdel Ghafar & Mattia Toaldo - 05 June 2017

Ultimately, the road to stability in Libya does pass through Cairo, but most importantly through Tripoli and Misrata.

Has Netanyahu really won? (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 17 March 2017

Losing the cover of the two state solution could pose serious problems for Benyamin Netanyahu.

The EU deal with Libya on migration: a question of fairness and effectiveness (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 14 February 2017

Whether the new EU migration agreement will work and whether it will respect migrants’ rights is an open question with the answer likely to be no.

Why a refugee deal with Libya is a bad idea (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 24 January 2017

The Maltese plan is less about managing migration and more about reducing the numbers arriving in Europe at any cost.

The EU’s migration policy in Africa: five ways forward (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo & Luca Barana - 08 December 2016

The European Union is not helpless in the face of migration flows from sub-Saharan Africa. Here is how it can act.

Is the sky falling on Libya? (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 23 September 2016

The ink is barely dry on a new joint statement on Libya. But already the roadmap is under threat from developments on the ground. 

After Warsaw: A 3-point plan to manage migration through Libya (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 12 July 2016

Adding NATO to Operation Sophia is unlikely to substantially change the picture – though it won’t hurt. Instead, in the coming months the EU should focus on three policy baskets.

A new social and political contract for Europe (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 28 June 2016

“Taking back control” should be the new slogan of a new political union, as only by joining forces can governments wrest control of fiscal policies, offer a new social contract and regenerate their democracies.    

The EU Turkey deal: fair and feasible? (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 16 March 2016

Potentially unrealistic vows on readmissions and relocation leave plenty of questions unanswered ahead of EU Council