Articles on Piotr Buras

View from Warsaw: Sanctions are the EU’s only tool (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 12 March 2015

Poland is more moderate on Russia policy than hawks might have hoped, preferring the use of sanctions to any military option.

Can Poland remain a leader of EU foreign policy? (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 05 February 2015

The Ukraine crisis pushed Poland to the forefront of EU diplomacy, but as Germany stepped up, Poland’s leadership was sidelined.

Germany leads Europe: Jettisoning the status quo (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 03 February 2015

The German question has emerged again, but this time, the answer will depend on whether Germany is willing to embrace its role as an agent of change.

The Buffer Zone illusion (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 22 September 2014

There is no "Austrian solution" for Ukraine

Has Germany sidelined Poland in Ukraine crisis negotiations? (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 27 August 2014

Polish-German co-operation on Ostpolitik has been shaken by Germany's role in negotiations with Russia on Ukraine.

Ten global consequences of the Ukraine crisis (Commentary)

Piotr Buras & Anthony Dworkin & François Godement & Daniel Levy & Mark Leonard & Kadri Liik - 16 June 2014

Russian actions and Western responses to them could accelerate the unwinding of the current international order

Explaining the EP election result: Poland (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 26 May 2014

EP election results in Poland proved to be both predictable and paradoxical

Consequences of Ukraine: Europe’s fragile cohesion (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev & Piotr Buras - 20 May 2014

Below the superficial unity in response to the Ukraine crisis, member states are dividing into clusters, each with its own view on Russia.

Angela Merkel and Germany's political zeitgeist (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 19 September 2013

Angela Merkel defines the political zeitgeist in Germany. But contrary to appearances, Germany is facing a period of difficult choices – independently of who takes office after the elections.

The EU’s silent revolution (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 09 September 2013

The eurozone crisis has redrawn the institutional structure of the EU and intergovernmentalism has become a default mechanism to solve problems in an emergency - but that risks backfiring by exacerbating the democratic deficit and crumbling EU unity.