Articles on Piotr Buras

View from Warsaw: the Polish riddle (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 15 September 2016

It is less about concrete policy ideas than an overall strategy towards the EU: will it take a pragmatic position or pursue an ideological path?

Kaczynski chooses confrontation over compromise with EU (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 16 August 2016

With the rule of law dispute between the government and the Commission heating up, Polish politics is entering a new phase.

An unpredictable Russia: the impact on Poland (Commentary)

Piotr Buras & Adam Balcer - 15 July 2016

With a raft of other crises at the EU’s doorstep, Warsaw might find it difficult to gain support for its assertive approach towards Russia.

Eastern extravaganzas (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 11 July 2016

Political vagaries, a hatred of the elite, corruption and staunch nationalism divide Eastern Europe between populists and liberals.

View from Warsaw: Loss of an ally (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 24 June 2016

With the UK gone, Poland, under the Law and Justice (PiS) government, will lose its favourite ally within the EU.

Germany can afford the populists (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 05 April 2016

Germany is enough of a mature democracy to accommodate a party like AfD

View from Warsaw: Keeping a low profile (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 17 March 2016

With a worsening international reputation, Poland has been strikingly quiet on the recent refugee deal

View from Warsaw: The centre of attention (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 08 February 2016

Few problems anticipated in supporting Poland’s main “strategic ally”

Note to Berlin: How to engage Poland (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 21 January 2016

If Germany wants to avoid further deterioration of its relationship with Poland, it is important to make clear that a discussion of the rule of law in their country is not a German-Polish affair and an illegitimate meddling in Polish affairs, but a legitimate part of a European public debate.

View from Warsaw: Feeding Poland's culture wars (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 18 January 2016

Events in Cologne have prompted a speedy reaction from Poland's embattled Law and Justice government