Articles on Hugh Lovatt

Has Netanyahu really won? (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 17 March 2017

Losing the cover of the two state solution could pose serious problems for Benyamin Netanyahu.

After the UN, the EU must lead the way on Israeli settlements (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 05 January 2017

Resolution 2334 should be seen as a belated step towards mobilizing the international consensus. But to give it any real effect, states will need to build on the resolution with a view to making it operational. The EU is best positioned to do so.

Europe’s time to save the two state solution (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 30 November 2016

Faced with the prospect of diminished US interest in a two state solution, the EU needs to send a strong signal that it remains committed to this vision.

Can a regional process unlock Israeli-Palestinian peace? (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 01 August 2016

If Arab states remain committed to increased cooperation with Israel, they should explore how these growing ties could be leveraged to advance Palestinian sovereignty.

Why Incitement runs both ways in Israel/Palestine (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 12 April 2016

In working to rein in manifestations of incitement to violence, Europe must not lose sight of the factors that, while never justifying violence, create conditions that are particularly conducive to radicalisation

Why the UK’s boycott ban may be a pyrrhic victory for Israel (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 24 February 2016

In its attempts to stymie the BDS campaign against Israel, the UK government has fundamentally misunderstood the legal necessity underpinning measures directed at Israeli settlements.

EU Labelling and the Challenge to “Greater Israel” (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt - 13 November 2015

Israel’s strong reaction has much more to do with the way the EU is challenging the “Greater Israel” narrative promoted by a growing number of Israeli politicians.

Can the EU play a role in taming Israeli-Palestinian violence? (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 27 October 2015

What tools do European politicians have at their disposal to help end rising bloodshed in Israel and Palestine?

How to Revive EU Policy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 20 May 2015

EU needs to better demonstrate the incompatibility  of occupation policies with the continued development of relations with the EU.

Five Reasons to Recognise a Palestinian State (Commentary)

Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 08 December 2014

It is crucial that the European Parliament supports recognition of the State of Palestine at Thursday's vote for five key reasons.