Articles on Mark Leonard

China’s technology revolution (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 02 October 2012

China's politics is being transformed by the internet. But while individual officials live in a state of 'internet terror', the arrival of managed social media could paradoxically help the communist party to stay in power.


The great Sino-American divorce (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 24 August 2012

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, we have been living through the slow and painful end of 'Chimerica'. Now the terms of the separation between the two nations risk awkward discomfort for the rest of the world.


China’s affluence crisis (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 August 2012

For most of the last 30 years China’s leaders have been kept awake at night worrying about their country’s poverty. But as the country approaches its once-in-a decade leadership transition this fall, it is China’s affluence, rather than its poverty, that is causing sleepless nights.


The end of the affair? (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 25 July 2012

Four years after Barack Obama's landmark speech in front of a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin, the transatlantic alliance is fading fast. What went wrong?


Merkel is our only hope (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 09 July 2012

The British debate on Germany and the euro should focus on understanding Merkel's technocratic ideas without invoking Hitler and the Second World War. The best way to get Germany to abandon its counterproductive economic reforms is to talk about a compelling European future, rather than dwelling on the past.


Terminating the European status quo (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 06 July 2012

It is becoming clear that the roots of the euro crisis are political rather than economic. The 2008 financial meltdown may well give birth to one of the great moments of political realignment where mainstream parties are being pushed to the sidelines and parties that used to skulk on the fringes are dominating the agenda.


Europe will leave G20 with a unilateral future (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 21 June 2012

Europeans are strongly in favor of global governance when it is a process they inflict on others, but they are not so keen when others comment on Europe’s affairs. So, is Europe losing its religion on multilateralism?


The dark flip-side of European technocracy (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 01 June 2012

The elitist and technocractic nature of German politics means that the case for European integration is not being made to the German people. Worryingly this is also giving an opportunity for anti-EU populists to gain influence.


The Central Challenge to the Western Liberal Order (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 31 May 2012

One of the big stories of the last 60 years has been the creation of a European-inspired legal order in the shell of an American security order. This is often called the Western liberal order – and I think that the biggest global risk is the threat to that order.


What the rise and fall of Bo Xilai tells us about China's future (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 20 March 2012

Bo Xilai, a colourful politician who brought prosperity to a Chinese backwater, was too ambitious for the Politburo's grey men.