Articles on Mark Leonard

The era of Mutual Assured Disruption (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 16 February 2017

The five forces that are 'liquidising' global security.

How Trump will save Europe (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Vessela Tcherneva - 07 February 2017

Ironically, the deeply Euroskeptic U.S. president and his ally in the Kremlin may provide the push Europe needs to finally resolve its biggest crises.

Harnessing the Politics of Disruption (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 06 February 2017

What both the Brexit vote and Trump's election show is a serious lack of confidence in existing institutions.

May's vision for Brexit fails to see the big picture (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 18 January 2017

Mark Leonard speaks with Tom Nuttall, The Economist's Charlemagne columnist, about Theresa May's Brexit speech. 

Ten Foreign Policy Trends for 2017 (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Jeremy Shapiro - 13 January 2017

Here are our ten trends (plus one bonus) that will define European foreign policy in 2017

The Coming Brexit Tragedy (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 03 January 2017

With both sides ignoring the decline of the liberal world order, the Brexit process is set to result in tragedy for both the UK and EU.

Europe, Alone in Trump’s World (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 09 November 2016

Europeans will not only have to get used to Trump; they will have to look at the world through different eyes.

EU-Turkey relations after July 15: Turning the page (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş & Mark Leonard & Vessela Tcherneva - 15 September 2016

A complex and explosive mixture of misunderstandings, bad blood and unrecognised but shared interests has brought EU-Turkey relationship to a critical juncture.

Playing Defense in Europe (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 02 September 2016

The dislocation and confusion of 2016 do not rival the turmoil of the interwar period, but they are certainly symptoms of a new interregnum.

Boris Johnson the Counter-Revolutionary (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 August 2016

Johnson did more than anyone to bury Britain’s European future; but his ultra-flexibility may yet prove to be its salvation.