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Europe will leave G20 with a unilateral future (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 21 June 2012

Europeans are strongly in favor of global governance when it is a process they inflict on others, but they are not so keen when others comment on Europe’s affairs. So, is Europe losing its religion on multilateralism?


The dark flip-side of European technocracy (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 01 June 2012

The elitist and technocractic nature of German politics means that the case for European integration is not being made to the German people. Worryingly this is also giving an opportunity for anti-EU populists to gain influence.


The Central Challenge to the Western Liberal Order (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 31 May 2012

One of the big stories of the last 60 years has been the creation of a European-inspired legal order in the shell of an American security order. This is often called the Western liberal order – and I think that the biggest global risk is the threat to that order.


What the rise and fall of Bo Xilai tells us about China's future (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 20 March 2012

Bo Xilai, a colourful politician who brought prosperity to a Chinese backwater, was too ambitious for the Politburo's grey men.


Will the Europeans ever get their act together on security? (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 15 February 2012

Unlike saving the euro, saving CSDP and building Europe's shared defence and security capacity need not cost a cent. It would also be invaluable in helping the EU develop as a serious foreign policy actor.


A marginalised Britain makes EU break-up more likely (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 03 November 2011

The actions of Britain's coalition government are making it more likely that we will see the EU disintegrate, leaving behind a saved Eurozone that marginalises all those outside it - including Britain itself.


Why enlargement-lite will not save the Arab Spring (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 25 October 2011

The European Union has a vital role to play in helping consolidate the transitions of the Arab Spring. But first they need to rethink their approach and develop a new foreign policy for the Southern neighbourhood: Enlargement lite will not work.


Europe's multipolar neighbourhood (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 October 2011

The upheavels in North Africa are further evidence that the EU's neighbourhood has fundamentally changed, both to the south and to the east. In response, the EU needs to develop a real foreign policy to deal with this increasingly competitive region.


Why China wants a G3 world (Commentary)

Parag Khanna & Mark Leonard - 12 September 2011

Despite the fashionable talk about BRICS and the G2 of Washington and Beijing, we really now live in a G3 world that combines US military power and consumption, Chinese capital and labour, and European rules and technology.


The EAS and Europe's place in the world (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 26 March 2010

Building the EAS is not simply about backroom Brussels politics and bureaucratic infighting. It is about giving Europe the means to punch its weight in a changing world