Articles on Sebastian Dullien

How to avoid a post-truth world (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien & Jeremy Shapiro - 16 January 2017

It is time to recognize that the integrity of information is part of the critical infrastructure of liberal democracy.

Trumped up trade: The end of an era (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 10 November 2016

The days of US fiscal restraint, and of global trade growth outpacing GDP growth, are now over. 

Europe's Trade Policy: Can a Phoenix Rise From the Ashes? (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 14 October 2016

TTIP is dead but CETA can still be saved. 

The Apple tax bill is not protectionism (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 02 September 2016

International conflicts are inevitable when governments challenge the excesses of multinational corporations.

Bear any burden, and Paying the price (Commentary)

Susi Dennison & Sebastian Dullien & Josef Janning - 28 April 2016

The EU should broaden the scope of what is expected of member states on burden sharing on refugee crisis, within more formalised, intergovernmental co-operation according to two papers from ECFR

The EU trade strategy: Where is the “strategic” part? (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 17 March 2016

Though individual goals of the EU’s trade strategy are laudable, by all usual definitions, it is not really a strategy at all

Why Berlin and Paris cannot give in to Cameron (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 26 November 2015

Proposed protections for “euro-outs” may hamper the in crowd on vital further integration

A mismanaged bailout is worse than a Grexit (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 02 July 2015

With Greece on the brink and accusations and counter-accusations making the round, one could do worse than look to Argentina to see how a recovery could work.

Is the German elite miscalculating the fallout from Grexit? (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 07 May 2015

The drop-out of the small member states has all but lost its capacity to frighten.

The Greek compromise (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 25 February 2015

To applause back home, Germany succeeded in conceding little to Greece – but the result might be future chaos.