Articles on Asia & China

China and the world - convergence or collision? (Commentary)

François Godement - 14 October 2007

Will the rise of China lead to inevitable conflict on the international stage? Or will China mellow and adapt to international norms as it grapples with the new requirements of its phenomenal growth?

Burma and Uzbekistan: The EU?s Muddle (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 12 October 2007

European double-standards on Burma and Uzbekistan will hurt the EU's interests and democracy in both countries.

A microcosm of Europe (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 09 October 2007

What would happen if all of Europe were brought together in one room? This weekend an ambitious 'deliberative poll' will help us find out.

Burma: Sharing Power with the Generals (Commentary)

François Godement - 03 October 2007

Targeted sanctions are a good idea ? but the goal must be to convince the Junta that they are better off with a political process