Articles on Asia

Enhancing the EU's role in Afghanistan (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 05 November 2008

A new US president will want to see a significant enhancement of the European effort in Afghanistan. The issue is likely to be viewed in Washington as a litmus test of whether Europeans should be taken seriously as strategic partners.

China - a challenge for the long term (Commentary)

John Fox - 05 November 2008

The basis of a new EU-US partnership should be close trans-Atlantic coordination and cooperation on China at every level, harmonising positions and pooling leverage and influence.

From Atocha to Waziristan (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 13 October 2008

Germany?s decision to increase its troops in Afghanistan is both courageous and necessary: the security of both European and Afghan citizens is inseparable.

Europe is repeating the errors of Asia 10 years ago (Commentary)

François Godement - 09 October 2008

Even if global action by central banks saves the day, Europe will have taken a step backwards. Yet crises are opportunities for political creativity.

Losing the 'good' war (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 06 October 2008

Afghanistan was always the ?good? war and Iraq, the bad one. But what if Bush?s legacy becomes losing the good war and winning the bad one?

The trouble with India (Commentary)

- 29 September 2008

The EU may have to base partnership with the world's largest democracy not on values, but on dealing with Afghanistan.

Can China save Afghanistan? (Commentary)

John Fox & Daniel Korski - 29 September 2008

With Afghanistan's reconstruction on the brink, what could the EU and U.S ask Beijing to do?

China Olympics blog (Commentary)

John Fox - 21 August 2008

A daily blog following key political stories in China during the Beijing Olympics.

French deaths highlight NATO's other challenge (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 19 August 2008

French combat deaths underscore the challenge in Afghanistan and the need for a new politically-accented and regionally-focused strategy.

Steps to secure the non-polar world (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 21 July 2008

How to cooperate on global security with China, Russia and India will be among a new U.S President's top challenges.