Articles on European Power

Think again: European decline (Commentary)

Hans Kundnani & Mark Leonard - 29 April 2013

Although it may seem that Europe is down and out as it struggles with multiple crises, things are in fact far, far better than they appear on the surface. 


The remarkable rise of continental Euroscepticism (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca & Mark Leonard - 25 April 2013

A new ECFR analysis shows that trust in the EU has plummeted across the continent. Both southern debtors and northern creditors feel like they are victims.


Revolt of the technocrats (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 18 April 2013

Does the launch of a new Eurosceptic party in Germany suggest there is fertile ground for a real alternative ahead of elections later this year, despite Merkel's refusal to countenance change?


Do we need a European Margaret Thatcher? (Commentary)

- 17 April 2013

British public opinion is polarised over the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. But whether she was right or wrong she recognised the need for fundamental change in Britain in the 1970s - and that is something that Europe could learn from now.


For a European Republic (Commentary)

Robert Menasse - 11 April 2013

Whether political leaders or citizens, the pragmatics have failed to build a prosperous and wholly democratic EU. The system we live in neither provides for nor admits any legitimate representation for the citizens of Europe. Now it’s the turn of the dreamers. Today, they are the true realists.


Europe's misgovernment (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 05 April 2013

The Cypriot crisis has made it brutally clear just how bad misgovernment with the EU - and the eurozone - really is. The only way to fix this is for genuine banking, fiscal, and economic union within the eurozone, backed by legitimate political instruments.


Bulgaria’s anger, the real source (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 15 March 2013

An escalating crisis in Bulgaria marked by street-protests across the country forced the government's resignation. But the instant wisdom that financial austerity caused it is misleading.


Europe has lost its citizens (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 13 March 2013

The latest Eurobarometer figures are showing clearly what the election results have been hinting at: hit by the crisis, Europeans have lost their confidence in the EU. After having saved the euro, we must rescue the legitimacy of the EU.


Why the EU needs Britain (Commentary)

- 04 February 2013

In foreign policy the UK is already far more involved in Europe than its disengaged image would suggest. ECFR's European Foreign Policy Scorecard suggests that the UK is up there with Germany and France as a leader in European foreign policy.


Britain's European catharsis (Commentary)

Ulrike Guérot - 30 January 2013

Like Greece, Spain and Germany, Britain now faces a cathartic moment when it needs to decide what price it is worth paying to stay in the European Union: coolheaded rationality must prevail over emotion