Articles on European Power

Europe's deceptive aggregate deficits (Commentary)

Daniel Daianu - 14 November 2011

Despite the deepening crisis, when taken as a whole the Eurozone's basic figures do not look too bad. But because the Eurozone is a flawed construction these figures are only a distraction, and the need for real reforms remains.


A marginalised Britain makes EU break-up more likely (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 03 November 2011

The actions of Britain's coalition government are making it more likely that we will see the EU disintegrate, leaving behind a saved Eurozone that marginalises all those outside it - including Britain itself.


The return of political economy (Commentary)

- 02 November 2011

The present crisis of the Eurozone is a direct consequence of a half hearted, half considered, half explained and therefore half finished integration. Europeans must be prepared for sacrifice, but our leaders must make sure that sacrifice is worthwhile.


Merci, mon Général, bonjour Monsieur Monnet (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 26 October 2011

Throughout the Eurozone crisis, France has been well served by its decisive presidential system. But as thoughts turn to reforming the way the Eurozone works, France must come to terms with the power implications of a more federal system.


Why enlargement-lite will not save the Arab Spring (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 25 October 2011

The European Union has a vital role to play in helping consolidate the transitions of the Arab Spring. But first they need to rethink their approach and develop a new foreign policy for the Southern neighbourhood: Enlargement lite will not work.


European failure and how to avoid it (Commentary)

Andre Wilkens - 18 October 2011

The European Union’s combination of crises - of finance, politics, and identity - makes the once unthinkable a real prospect: Europe is not "too big to fail". What then should concerned Europeans do to ensure their continent's survival and progress?


Europe's multipolar neighbourhood (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 October 2011

The upheavels in North Africa are further evidence that the EU's neighbourhood has fundamentally changed, both to the south and to the east. In response, the EU needs to develop a real foreign policy to deal with this increasingly competitive region.


Marching towards disintegration (Commentary)

Jan Zielonka - 03 October 2011

How might European disintegration play out if we do not learn from past folly? Uncontrolled collapse, a decisive jump forward leading to a big step back, or disintegration in disguise due to benign neglect?


It's CSDP - or live in a world run by others (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 13 September 2011

In a response to an article by Jan Techau attacking Common Security and Defence Policy, Nick Witney argues that Europe can and must take on more shared responsibility for its own security in the multipolar 21st century.


Why China wants a G3 world (Commentary)

Parag Khanna & Mark Leonard - 12 September 2011

Despite the fashionable talk about BRICS and the G2 of Washington and Beijing, we really now live in a G3 world that combines US military power and consumption, Chinese capital and labour, and European rules and technology.