Articles on European Power

Uncertain solidarity: Why Europe’s new migration pact could fall apart (Commentary)

Emma Kollek - 29 September 2020

The New Pact on Migration and Asylum risks shifting responsibility for hosting refugees from the geographically disadvantaged to the economically disadvantaged.

Europe’s recovery gamble (Commentary)

Jean Pisani-Ferry - 28 September 2020

If the European Union’s new recovery programme succeeds, it may ultimately pave the way for the establishment of a fiscal union. But, if the EU funds fail to deliver on the plan’s stated goals, federal aspirations will be dashed for a generation.

How the EU should deal with the eastern Mediterranean (Commentary)

George Tzogopoulos - 25 September 2020

While it has made some progress in its recent diplomacy on the eastern Mediterranean, the EU needs a holistic approach to resolving economic and security disputes in the region.

How Britain will approach the Brexit endgame (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 23 September 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson likely has no plan other than to stay in power. He will rely on his two closest advisers to oversee Brexit.

United in distrust: How France and Poland can repair their broken relations (Commentary)

Pawel Zerka - 23 September 2020

The French and Polish governments are at loggerheads over questions of values and foreign policy. But each side can take steps to renew relations.

The frugal blues: An underappreciated threat to the European project (Commentary)

Pawel Zerka - 15 September 2020

It would be premature to conclude that the frugal four are, or will remain, happy about the EU’s budgetary deal.

Brexit as perpetual motion: Why Boris Johnson will never stop fighting the EU (Commentary)

Rafael Loss - 11 September 2020

It is in the British prime minister’s interests to carry on a ‘war with Brussels’, no matter how tired EU leaders already are of the issue.

Trump’s Kosovo show: No big deal (Commentary)

Majda Ruge - 10 September 2020

The White House’s sloppy agreement does little to advance dialogue, and comes at a high price.

Why America is facing off against the International Criminal Court (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 08 September 2020

The US long ago took umbrage at the – unlikely – prospect that the ICC could prosecute Americans. The consequences of this stance are now revealing themselves.


Pulling together or pulling apart: The coronavirus crisis and political participation (Commentary)

Milica Delevic - 08 September 2020

The sheer magnitude of the crisis and the way in which it exposes existing fault lines – particularly the shocking levels of inequality in many societies – are making political mobilisation more likely.