Articles on The Middle East and North Africa

Iran nuclear talks succeed just by continuing (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 01 June 2012

The best outcome for E3+3 negotiations is a partial enrichment freeze. Short of that, more talks will at least avert military action.


Damascus on the brink (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 30 May 2012

Julien Barnes-Dacey has just returned from a visit to Syria, and returned deeply pessimistic about the situation on the ground, with hopes for a political solution appearing all but dead.


Contesting Egypt's future (Commentary)

Elijah Zarwan - 24 May 2012

The lead up to the Egyptian elections has seen hope, pride and the anxiety of real suspense. But whoever forms the next government will face a real test in dealing with the economy, reforming institutions and addressing many other legitimate complaints.


Is it time for Kofi Annan to give up in Syria? (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 21 May 2012

A growing number of diplomats are arguing Kofi Annan's peace plan is failing. But is it better for the U.N. to oversee, and arguably provide cover for, the current violence or retreat and open the way for something potentially worse?


Netanyahu's Big Fat Israeli Coalition (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 09 May 2012

Israel’s largest opposition party has joined the Prime Minister’s coalition rather than go to elections. Most of this was about raw political calculations - but it also offered an insight into the thinking of Benjamin Netanyahu.


Europe struggling to play meaningful role in Syria crisis (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 02 April 2012

The case of Syria shows that Europe maintains a limited ability to shape its Southern neighbourhood. For the time being it remains a fairly insignificant political actor in the unfolding Syrian crisis.


Kofi Annan and Syria - the case for deliberate caution (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 02 April 2012

Kofi Annan has created a diplomatic framework for dealing with the Syrian crisis. However, the security situation has changed and Annan must move with deliberate caution to make the 'Syrian-led political process' a success.


Syria’s rebels will have to deal with Assad (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 16 March 2012

No one wants to deal with dictators. But one year after the Syrian uprising began, the harsh truth is that Bashar al-Assad maintains the upper hand and the opposition – with its international backers – may have little choice but to cut a deal with him if they want to ease the Syrian people’s suffering.


Jordan - no longer boring? (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 09 February 2012

For so long a reliably boring country in the middle of a tumultuous region, there are signs that Jordan may soon become lively as demands for political reform and the wider impact of the Arab Awakening begin to reach Amman.


Egypt's popular putsch (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 26 January 2012

It is too early to write off Egypt's revolution. Unlike in the past, politics is now a live issue across the country, and that popular force is a difficult one to control or stop, and even the steps that have been taken now seemed impossible just over a year ago.