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  • Reinvention of Europe programme in the Press


    24 heures Montréal - 15 July 2014

    Hans Kundnani on the victory of Germany in the football world cup. 

    Euractiv - 15 July 2014

    Felix Mengel comments on the election of Jean Caude Juncker and the "Spitzenkandidaten"-model

    Témoignages - 12 July 2014

    Hans Kundnani on China-Germany relationships.

    Le Devoir - 12 July 2014

    Hans Kundnani comments on the tense relationships between Germany and the US.

    Euronews - 11 July 2014

    Hans Kundnani on the US-Germany partnership. 

    L'Espresso - 10 July 2014

    José Ignacio Torreblanca on King Felipe


The Reinvention of Europe Programme aims to look at and debate the political issues facing Europe in crisis and in so doing build a positive agenda to help Europe play a major role on the world stage. Research has looked at Germany’s role in Europe, the rise of euro-scepticism, institutional change and the economics of the crisis.



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