European Council on Foreign Relations
China 3.0 Wang Jisi.
A complicated geopolitical world
China 3.0 - Cui Zhiyuan.
Where will the Chinese economy be in 2030?
China 3.0 ECFR Council Member visit.
In September 2012 several ECFR Council Members visited Beijing and Shanghai
China 3.0: Pan Wei of Peking University.
Pan Wei argues that China desperately needs new ideas if it is to thrive
Shi Yinghong on Sino-American relations.
Shi Yinghong speaks about relations between Washington and Beijing
China 3.0: Michael Anti.
Michael Anti explains why the internet is bringing democracy to China

ECFR's China programme has published 'China 3.0: What does the new China think and what does it mean for Europe?', a unique collection of essay by China's most prominent thinkers. The publication provides an unrivalled insight into the big debates that are taking place within Chinese elites about the future of China’s growth model, its political system and its foreign policy. The authors argue that China could be on the verge of a change as significant as Mao Zedong’s communist revolution (China 1.0) and Deng Xiaoping’s market revolution (China 2.0).

Listen to ‘The country's most influential thinkers ponder what's next for China’, from BBC World Tonight, on Audioboo


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