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Hans Kundnani

Former Research Director

Hans Kundnani used to work for ECFR as Editor and Research Director.

By Hans Kundnani


    “La coopération franco-allemande à l’aune des crises européennes” (Podcast)

    02nd June, 2016

    Séminaire du 2 juin à la représentation de la Commission européenne en France
    Panel 1: Competing Leaderships? The Franco-German Couple in the European Union and Eurozone 
    - Hans Kundnani, Senior Transatlantlic Fellow, The German Marshall Fund of the United States
    - Hans Stark, Secrétaire Général du Comité d'Etudes des Relations Franco-Allemandes (Cerfa), Institut français des relations internationales
    - Arthur Sode, Macroéconomiste à France Stratégie


    The end of the Merkel consensus? (Podcast)

    03rd February, 2016

    Despite its structural power at EU level, the German coalition government led by Angela Merkel has failed to come up with a sound response to two of its vital interests: sustainable reform of the euro zone and the refugee question. With elections looming in 2017, can Merkel keep the coalition afloat? Hans Kundnani, Senior Transatlantic Fellow with GMF’s Europe programme, and Mark Leonard, Director of ECFR, discuss.

    Economic and military power in Asia

    by Hans Kundnani - 20th April, 2015

    Economic tools in Asia are increasingly being used for strategic purposes, as the "two Asias" – military and economic – come closer together.


    The return of the euro crisis and the German question (Podcast)

    10th February, 2015

    Prof Lord Giddens, sociologist and former Director of the LSE, and Hans Kundnani, Research Director at ECFR, discuss German power and its implications for the future of the European Union.

    The “strategic” case for TTIP

    by Hans Kundnani - 09th February, 2015

    As opposition to the TTIP increases, supporters increasingly fall back on the “strategic” case for the deal – no matter how flawed the logic is.

    Rashtrapati Bhavan © Alfredo Miguel Romero

    Why Russia's relationship with India matters for Europe

    by Hans Kundnani - 12th December, 2014

    Modi and Putin publicly reaffirmed the longstanding bond between India and Russia yesterday, even as the West continues to seek to isolate Russia.

    Angela Merkel meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Image courtesy Bundesregierung.

    China and Germany talk security

    by Hans Kundnani & Angela Stanzel - 09th October, 2014

    The expansion of the dialogue between Germany and China to include foreign and security policy could have a huge, and potentially problematic, effect for the European Union.