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Andrew Wilson

Senior Policy Fellow

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, some Belarusian, conversational French
Areas of Expertise: Ukraine, comparative politics of democratisation in the post-Soviet states, political technology

Andrew Wilson is Professor in Ukrainian Studies at University College London and a Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

His book Ukraine Crisis: What the West Needs to Know was published by Yale in October 2014 in the UK ( and in November in the USA (

He has worked extensively on the comparative politics of the post-Soviet states since 1990. His other books include Belarus: The Last European Dictatorship (2011), The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation (Third edition, 2009), Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (2005) and Virtual Politics: Faking Democracy in the Post-Soviet World  (2005).

His latest publications at ECFR are Protecting the European Choice and What does Ukraine think? 

Latest from Andrew Wilson

  • A 60-40 Referendum?

    by Andrew Wilson - 05th July, 2016

    Willing forces could start now to campaign for a second vote on a 60-40 basis.


    Russia - future imperfect? (Podcast)

    22nd June, 2016

    How will Russia and Europe’s eastern neighbours look 14 years from now? What key trends will play out in Russia and Eastern Europe? What sort of events could throw them off course? What the EU should do about this? Nicu Popescu, Senior Analyst at EUISS, and Andrew Wilson, ECFR Senior Policy Fellow, discuss ECFR’s recent publication "Russia 2030: A story of great power dreams and small victorious wars" by Fredrik Wesslau and Andrew Wilson. Chair: Fredrik Wesslau.


    What future for the EU-Russia relations? (Podcast)

    09th June, 2016

    Seminar on June 9th on the EU-Russia relations at the Académie Diplomatique Internationale:

    Panel 1:

    Andrew Wilson, Professor at University College in Londores and Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR

    - David Cadier, Visiting Senior Fellow, Finnish Institute of International Affairs and Research Fellow, LSE IDEAS (London School of Economics)

    - Jean Radvanyi, Professor at INALCO 

    - Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, head of ECFR Paris office (moderator)


    “Quel avenir pour les relations UE-Russie? ” (Podcast)

    09th June, 2016

    Séminaire du 9 juin à l'Académie Diplomatique Internationale avec:

    Panel 1
    - Andrew Wilson, Professeur en Etudes ukrainiennes au University College de Londores et Senior Policy Fellow de l’ECFR
    - David Cadier, Visiting Senior Fellow au Finnish Institute of International Affairs et Chercheur Associé, LSE IDEAS (London School of Economics)
    - Jean Radvanyi, professeur à l'INALCO et co-auteur du livre "La Russie entre peurs et défis" (Armand Colin 2016) avec Marlène Laruelle
    - Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, directeur du bureau de l'ECFR Paris (modérateur)

    Panel 2
    - Pierre Lellouche, Député membre de la commission des affaires étrangères
    - Nicu Pospescu, Analyste senior à l'Institut d'Etudes de Sécurité de l'Union européenne (EUISS)
    - Michel Duclos, Directeur général de l'Académie Diplomatique Internationale (Modérateur)

    Cover: Russia 2030: A story of great power dreams and small victorious wars

    Russia 2030: A story of great power dreams and small victorious wars

    by Fredrik Wesslau & Andrew Wilson - 23rd May, 2016

    The future of Europe’s relations with Russia looks bleak as the Kremlin pursues an increasingly aggressive foreign policy.


    Cover: Survival of the richest: How oligarchs block reform in Ukraine

    Survival of the richest: How oligarchs block reform in Ukraine

    by Andrew Wilson - 14th April, 2016

    The penetration of Ukrainian politics by the super-rich oligarchy still forms a major obstacle to reform


    No stability under occupation in Crimea

    by Andrew Wilson - 18th March, 2016

    Two years on from annexation, Russia's control of Crimea remains fraught with the difficulties


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