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Thomas Klau

Former Senior Policy Fellow

Thomas Klau was Senior Policy Fellow and Head of the Paris office at the European Council on Foreign Relations from 2007 to 2014




By Thomas Klau

Reinventing Europe - Three French conundrums: the voters, the president, and the country (Commentary)

by Thomas Klau - 13th December, 2012

As part of the ’Reinventing Europe' project, ECFR is publishing a series of papers on the national debates within EU member states over the crisis and the future direction of Europe. In the fourteenth of the series Thomas Klau analyses the situation in France.


The view from the capitals: the EU budget summit (Commentary)

by Dimitar Bechev & Silvia Francescon & Ulrike Guérot & José Ignacio Torreblanca & Thomas Klau & Mark Leonard & Jonas Parello-Plesner - 21st November, 2012

On Thursday EU leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss the EU budget for the next seven years. ECFR experts in Spain, the UK, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy tell us what to expect. 


Cover: How France and Germany can make Europe work

How France and Germany can make Europe work

by Ulrike Guérot & Thomas Klau - 16th May, 2012

Hollande and Merkel should launch an ambitious EU reform programme


Hollande has reinvented politics in Europe (Commentary)

by Thomas Klau - 08th May, 2012

The implosion of Greece's party political landscape and the victory of François Hollande in France transformed the political debate in Europe. Moreover, both events act as a catalyst for a political reinvention of the eurozone and an emergence of a transnational political space.


Preparing for President Hollande (Commentary)

by Thomas Klau - 24th April, 2012

The prospect of a victory by François Hollande may be causing nervousness in Berlin and elsewhere, but the socialist candidate in the French presidential elections is a natural compromise-builder, and Europe should have no real reason to fear his victory.


France deserves better than this (Commentary)

by Thomas Klau - 20th April, 2012

As France votes in the first round of its presidential elections, the French people have been denied an analytically, politically honest and comprehensive engagement by the politicians with the real issues at hand in France and Europe.


A deepening crisis requires further integration (Commentary)

by Thomas Klau - 17th November, 2011

The economic crisis is now at a critical point, and Europe's leaders must chose between a federated eurozone power or yielding to the power of the markets and economic and political disruption.


Merci, mon Général, bonjour Monsieur Monnet (Commentary)

by Thomas Klau - 26th October, 2011

Throughout the Eurozone crisis, France has been well served by its decisive presidential system. But as thoughts turn to reforming the way the Eurozone works, France must come to terms with the power implications of a more federal system.


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