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Daniel Korski

Former Senior Policy Fellow

Daniel Korski was Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR from 2007 to 2012



By Daniel Korski

Egypt's popular putsch (Commentary)

by Daniel Korski - 26th January, 2012

It is too early to write off Egypt's revolution. Unlike in the past, politics is now a live issue across the country, and that popular force is a difficult one to control or stop, and even the steps that have been taken now seemed impossible just over a year ago.


The year of the HUBRICS (Commentary)

by Daniel Korski - 12th January, 2012

With Europe and much of the West facing a seemingly painful decline, attention continues to shift to the BRICS and the world's other rising powers. But are these countries overplaying their hands as the cracks begin to show in their economic virility?


Without military reform Egypt cannot democratise (Commentary)

by Daniel Korski - 05th July, 2011

Egypt will struggle to progress towards democracy unless some form of military reform takes place. The first challenge is to make sure that any moves towards reform are palatable to the entrenched interests of Military Inc.


Egypt’s hybrid revolution: A bolder EU approach

by Anthony Dworkin & Daniel Korski & Nick Witney - 05th May, 2011

How Europe can help Egypt's move towards democracy


Mission manual (Commentary)

by Daniel Korski - 21st March, 2011

Wars are easy to start, hard to fight, and often harder still to end. Learning the right lessons from past wars, recent and old ones, is absolutely key. In Libya the international community must also keep its focus on political rather than military aims.


Kyrgyzstan: Russia?s Rwanda (Commentary)

by Daniel Korski - 18th June, 2010

Just as France maintained links with its former colonies in Central Africa, Moscow has maintained ties with the former Soviet Republics in Central Asia. In light of the recent violence in its backyard nation of Kyrgyzstan, what lessons can Russia learn from France?s experience in Central Africa?

Western Balkans: The way out of the EU?s waiting room (Commentary)

by Daniel Korski - 26th May, 2010

Pre-occupied with its financial troubles, the EU is no longer paying attention to the Western Balkans. As a result it is losing credibility and influence in a region that may slide back towards instability.

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